Young Hamburg only wanted to feed from light and died

A life without food and Drink. After that, Finn Bogumil sought.

He was a follower of the esoteric light food scene. Some time later, the young Hamburger is dead.

10. October of 2016, he said goodbye to his parents, Marion and Ulli.

Previously, had changed the young man, after prolonged stays abroad.

He acted weird and said a lot of the esoteric concept of light food.

The idea is that a human can survive without food and without Drink.

13 months later, Finn is found motionless and naked in a clearing in the jungle on the Caribbean island of Dominica.

First of all, he lived still, his heart beat, but then he haven’t breathed. You’ve been able to save him.

His father Ulli says: “Finn has fallen to this nonsense. He is starved and died of thirst. He has fasted to death.”

The story of Finn Bogumil researched Jonas Breng and Josef Saller from the star, as well as the free Journalist Hristio Boytchev and the NDR Reporter Christian Deker.