You have to be good, it will do you good

According to a new study of time pieces for positive thoughts about themselves and persons close to the mental and physical well-being. Exercises for more self-compassion the heart rate and lower off the body’s reactions to threats are typical.

Study participants were prompted via Audio instructions to be kind to yourself, feel relaxed and safe. Compared to individuals, whose critical inner voice has been awakened by other Audio messages, sweated less, and their heart rate decreased by two to three beats per Minute. "The results suggest that a friendly attitude turns off to itself, the response to threats, and the body in a state of safety and relaxation of the ist&quot for Regeneration and healing important;, Dr. Hans Kirschner, who led the research at the University of Exeter, and by says.

Co-author, Prof. Willem Kuyken of the University of Oxford says: "For people who suffer from Depression, it could be a new way to deal with your negative thoughts and feelings with self-compassion." Since the investigation was carried out on Healthy, has yet to be tested, whether the method also works in people with depression.

For the study, 135 healthy students at the University were divided in Exeter in groups of five to hear the different instructions were given. Your heart rate, and perspiration were observed in education and you Are. Shots, which should increase self-compassion, included a body scan, in which the participants should share their feelings with interest and tranquility to perceive or friendly and soothing thoughts to yourself and people close to them should be addressed. The participants in the other three groups listened by contrast, messages that aroused your critical inner voice, you are in a competitive mood shifted, or neutral in their purchasing scenario.