You can still choose your psychotherapist self, but this could be over soon

Yet people with mental health problems were able to a psychotherapist are looking for, you want to confide in. The new appointment service and supply act of Jens Spahn enters into force, this could change. FOCUS Online spoke with an Affected, what does this mean for the mentally ill people.

The Minister of health, Jens Spahn wants to reduce his appointment to service and supply act (TSVG) the waiting times for patients. Cash patients are also distributed differently, so that, for example, psychotherapists who are not yet used to the full, get more patient plays than your stretched colleagues. Sounds good, but at the expense of patients, criticize Concerned.

Because the new rules could restrict the free choice of a psychotherapist considerably, warn associations. The fear also Uwe Hauck. He himself suffered from bouts of depression. In 2013, he started on the search for a therapist, had to make many phone calls and conversations, until he had finally found the right one. Today, he says: “The longer waiting time, I took gladly in purchase to find a therapist that really fits me. I had to have the feeling that he listens to me and understands my problems.“

Too many hurdles for patients

The TSVG, to mentally turn Sick in the future for a preliminary interview to a reviewer. This is to assess whether a therapy is at all necessary. The Patient is classified as in need of treatment, he should be a psychotherapist assigned to that capacity.

Patients to therapists, can treat you as soon as possible, is actually a good idea. Hauck warns, however: “It is fatal for the relationship of trust between Patient and therapist.” The law contradicts the advice of many experts recommend to verify first, in a sample session, whether the therapist to visit to a passe – and, if necessary, to another therapist.

“With my future therapist, I don’t have to talk for months about the things that I talk about with my family. I must be able to trust him completely,“ stresses Hauck. He warns that If the chemistry is not right, runs the therapy into the Void, because can not open the Patient.

Privately insured patients will be able to choose your therapist continue to be free. The new distribution rule only applies to cash patients. What will change for you, specifically, should enter the TSVG into force, is to a large extent still unclear. About whether patients were assigned to a therapist, can, later, change it later if you feel during the therapy uncomfortable.

Affected complained open: TSVG is the wrong way

Hauck not only criticised the compulsory assignment to a therapist, but also the preliminary interview, in which an expert decides whether a therapy is necessary.

“In this conversation, I need a person I will see in my life only once, all my problems and hope that I can bring you to start over, that my opponent understands that I need help,” says Hauck, and asks: “How want to decide on an expert in a single session about the Severity of my mental illness?”

The waiting times for patients are shorter, but the TSVG is the wrong way to achieve this, Hauck. A trusting relationship with the therapist is essential for a successful therapy, but the Spahn planned steps to jeopardize this.