With Cannabis drops for dry eyes?

For which symptoms, medical Cannabis may help, is currently being investigated in many studies. Eye doctors from Germany are exploring currently, the effects of Cannabis-containing drops against eye pain in dry eye. A first clinical trial for a similar drug is already in the planning.

The dry eye is the most common chronic eye disease in Germany. Sufferers often have to struggle with a limited vision, a foreign body sensation, Burning and Stinging to. "Except for visual disturbances eyes are the main symptom of dry eye pain, the patient to the eye doctor führt", Professor Dr. Philip Steven of the University hospital of Cologne, at a press conference of the German Ophthalmological society (DOG) in Berlin. In most cases, the dry eye with Tear substitutes, let, or, in more severe cases, in addition, with anti-inflammatory eye drops well treat. About 20 to 30 percent of the Affected the pain will not go back, however, by these measures to an acceptable level, reported Steven. Here is a therapeutic gap: &quot was;We currently have no effective therapy against the Augenschmerzen", Stevens said.

His research group in Cologne, Germany has developed together with a Heidelberg Pharma companies eye drops with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The use of THC for dry eyes is plausible, since it is interactive, not only analgesic, but also anti-inflammatory and wound-healing. In experiments with mice, the application of the eye drops have led to a significant improvement of the dry eye and the function of the nerve endings.

To drizzle the Central active ingredient of Cannabis to the eye, may still be for some patients is a strange idea. The user is high, is, however, expected due to the low concentration of active ingredient, so Stevens. He and his colleagues are currently planning the first clinical study. "The omens for a successful application in patients are very gut", the physician says. The THC-containing eye drops have already been patented.


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