Why do you leave your razor in the shower should Video

To shave in the shower quickly, of course, is practical. But after that, you should leave the shaver in the shower, because the moisture, he is at the right Germ spreader.

In the shower, the hair and the body to be washed, and because it is so practical, even shaved the legs. After that, the shaver is mostly just in the shower – but that you should do in any case.

If you go with the razor on your legs, not just hair but also skin cells removed. Even if you rinse it properly, stay Remains between the Blades.
Cleaning expert Roxanna Pelka explains: “in the shower, the prevailing moisture and dead skin can form in the shaver moulds shed. When you re-use the natural protective film of your skin can be destroyed.“

In the worst case, it comes to infections

As a result, skin blemishes or pimples may occur. If you injure your skin by the Blades, it can come even in the worst case, to infections.

So put your razor after using it again in a wet corner of the shower, but store it outside of the shower cabin. With disinfectant spray, you are advised in addition. Depending on your hair growth, you should replace the blade after six to a maximum of 12 shaves. Also in order to avoid injuries due to blunt Blades.