Vegan blood kills cancer cells: the Model shocks with the Gaga theory

Most Vegans keep to your diet for the only true. The Swiss Model Tamy Glauser, aspiring for a seat in the national Assembly, is one of the best. She claims that a vegan diet is even cancer. Oncologists disagree vehemently, and to keep such statements is dangerous.

In Switzerland, the statement of a candidate for the national Council, is currently attracting the minds. It is Tamy Glauser (34), which is previously in demand, especially as the androgynous Model on the international catwalks. But also the gossip of the press of Switzerland is interested in the born from Berne, especially, because it forms, together with the Ex-Miss Switzerland, Dominique Rinderknecht, the most famous lesbian Couple of the Switzerland (“Taminique”) and as the figurehead of the LGBTQ Community on the offensive for a diversity of uses.

Now, the young Green politician and convinced a vegan, however, with a medical statement in the nettles. In an Instagram Post, she wrote: “nature heals all. The blood of vegans, for example, can kill cancer cells.“


A set with explosive force

This set of flies you straight to the ears. The network oscillates between indignation and ridicule (“also Works with brain cells”), cancer doctors disagree vehemently.

But what is the substance behind the statement of the vegan healing power?

Tamy Glausner invoked in another Instagram Post on a study in which, however, a vegan diet is no talk. It is, rather, the increased risk of colorectal cancer with a diet that is rich in meat and sausages.

Vegan blood is rich in antioxidants – the cancer does not heal but

There are, however, a recent study by the private Loma Linda University in California, the vegan blood attributing a special quality: With 840 study participants with different diet, different blood were checked forms of values – and the Vegans had the healthiest blood with the highest Antioxidant levels. Antioxidants protect against cell damage and chronic diseases.

Jutta Hübner works as an Oncologist at the University clinic of Jena and Chairman of the working group prevention and integrative medicine in Oncology of the German cancer society. She has worked intensively with the accompanying aspects of cancer therapy, including the diet. She says in an interview with FOCUS Online: “A well-balanced diet with a high vegetable portion, indeed, has a certain protective function against cancer. Especially for solid tumors, so, some colon, breast or prostate cancer decreases the risk. This is by no means a vegan diet.“

In the laboratory, cancer cells react differently in the body

There is a US study from 2005, which is cited among the vegans, often people, Who eat vegan, be eight times better protected against cancer than other people. The results, however, refer to cancer cells in a laboratory Setting. “In the laboratory, the greatest effects on cancer’s cells,” says Jutta Hübner. “Only the one can not on the human organism transfer.” And she adds: “There is no epidemiological data supporting the benefit of a vegan or strict vegetarian diet on the occurrence of Cancer.”

The cancer societies hold back therefore, to recommend a certain diet for cancer patients or cancer prevention. What is important is the total package from a balanced diet, adequate exercise, a healthy body weight, the absence of tobacco and moderate alcohol consumption – with this all-round healthy life-style according to the experts, up to half of all cancers avoid is.

Vegan diet for cancer patients a risk

The Oncologist from Jena, but the increase in the number of vegans’t worry, if you are to cancer patients. “We are seeing more and more young patients, eating vegan, and then get problems in the therapy,” says Jutta Hübner. “They are no longer tolerated, for example, often the pulses from which they came so far, the proteins. Is it fast to a protein deficiency and the patient’s limp can be extreme.“ Also, the B12-Substitution flap often not so good. “We have to do all hands fully to move these patients to a diet that gives you strength for the grueling therapy.”

Even worse was when the patient decided not to tumor therapy, because they put first on the healing power of a specific diet. “You will come often again, if metastases have formed.” Therefore, a sentence such as the vegan blood kills cancer cells is not only misleading, but also highly dangerous.