These two factors, the risk of dementia of women’s influence – Video

Two-thirds of dementia patients are women. You two are the factors that affect the risk especially, found US researchers. What is the time span between the period and the menopause are on the dementia risk.

Women are significantly more likely to have dementia than men. Two-thirds of the currently, approximately 1.7 million patients in Germany are female, one third male, according to the German Alzheimer society. Among the women, there are a particularly vulnerable group. The researchers have now found the California health organisation Kaiser Permanente now. So women get late for your period and early in the menopause come to develop an increased risk of later dementia.

For their study, the U.S. researchers have evaluated the health data of well over 6000 women. At the time of their first period, the participants average of 13, the beginning of their exchange year were 45 years of age. 34 percent of them had a uterus removal.

Risk of dementia: The period of time between Menstruation and menopause is vital

Of all the participants, 42 percent of patients later, to dementia. It showed that the women, whose menstrual period the age of 16 or later set in, a 23 percent greater risk than those with 13 years of their period had. In addition, the women who were younger than 47 years, when they came in the menopause were more vulnerable to 19 percent. The period of time between Menstruation and menopause influence the risk of dementia. Women without a uterus had an eight percent higher risk.

The study’s leader, Paolo Gilsanz, explains: “Our results show that a decrease in estrogen production is associated with an increased risk of Dementia.” The estrogen level is also influenced by pregnancy, the contraceptive pill or hormone replacement therapies. Further research is necessary to determine the extent to which these factors affect the risk of dementia.