The most important of the hair on the head lie in the Interior

Not on, but in the head the most important hair of the people are of the view that the Norwegian scientists. You mean, fine hairs, the cilia are called and in cells in the caves of the brain sit. They are for the healthy brain development is important, because they generate a steady flow of liquid, with not only nutrients, but also new nerve cells are being transported.

Cavities in the brain filled with liquid and connected to each other. This fluid is constantly in motion. It is believed that it supplies the brain with nutrients and pollutants are removed. Also for the signal transmission, it plays a role.

Scientists from the Norwegian University of science and technology in Trondheim have now found that the cells bearing the cilia, as a group, are in certain zones of the brain, and there, with a propeller-like movement of a steady stream of brain fluid. When the current was stopped, and closed the passages between the individual brain caves.

The current is also motion-dependent, and In the rest only a little liquid exchange between individual cavities. In the case of movement increases significantly. During brain development to form new nerve cells in the vicinity of the cilia-bearing cells. In the front there, you Hiking areas in the brain.

The researchers studied the brain development of Zebra fish larvae. These are vertebrae animals such as humans. Because the larvae are transparent, is an observation of brain development in a living animal possible, without harm or inflict pain. Zebra’s new nerve cells are also fish in the adult animals, is formed. Recent studies suggest that this also occurs in humans.