The more steps a day, the lower the blood pressure

Smartwatches are also used for research: scientists at the University of San Francisco have to pay the correlations between the daily recorded Step, and the blood pressure examined and observed that individuals with higher step numbers in the average, a lower blood pressure than those who were less to foot.

638 study participants were measured daily with a Smartwatch of their step number, and in addition weekly, your blood pressure is determined. It turned out that the systolic blood pressure (the upper value) of the participants per 1,000 steps was to about 0.45 mm Hg lower. This means that a Person’s daily 10,000 steps, has a 2.25 mmHg lower systolic blood pressure than a Person who creates only 5,000 steps. On average, the study participants had disclosed to 7,500 steps a day back. They had a slightly increased systolic blood pressure from 122 mmHg. A Plus of 5,000 steps per day could pressure the blood in the healthy range (< 120 mmHg), so the conclusion of the researchers.

With Smartwatches, health föpromote

The results are consistent with previous studies, which indicate that more exercise can lower blood pressure in a natural way. Probably obesity and BMI play in the observed context, it is also a significant role. Study author Dr. Mayank Sardana from the University of California in San Francisco said: "It would be useful to examine how Smartwatches can be used to promote physical activity, obesity to reduce and prevent so may also high blood pressure."

The results will be presented in the framework of the annual meeting of the American Heart Association and the world Congress of cardiology, held this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic for the first time, virtually.


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