The first dead from lung disease, according to E-cigarette

After the accumulation of dubious lung diseases as a result of the use of E-cigarettes there are in the USA now the first case of death. An adult from the U.S. state of Illinois had died, after he had used an E-cigarette and with “a serious, unexplained respiratory illness to the hospital had been”, informed the competent Ministry of health. For more information about the dead, it was first.

US authorities are currently reviewing 193 cases of lung disease, which is, presumably, with the consumption of E-cigarettes in conjunction – for example, twice as many as a week ago. However, whether the E-cigarettes could play a role, or certain ingredients that are inhaled, is unclear.

Although all of the Concerned E would have smoked a cigarette, informed the US health authority CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Nevertheless, you have been able to make any particular product to find that is with all diseases. There are many different E-cigarettes and thousands of so-called Liquids – i.e. liquids that are vaporized.

Active ingredient THC in a suspected

The health authority FDA (Food and Drug Administration) declared that it was “concerned” about the case of death. “The FDA has received samples from several countries and will inspect the components,” said Department head of the FDA’s tobacco division, Mitch Zeller. We must focus on the content of nicotine but also to the psycho-active ingredient THC, and may have contained chemicals.

The authorities had recently informed that many of the victims with complaints THC would have smoked Liquids. First of all, it remained unclear how high the percentage of THC consumers of the Affected was.

The authorities speak of a serious and potentially dangerous disease. It is still not clear whether all patients will recover completely. Among the most common symptoms of respiratory pain issues and breast. Some patients also reported of fever, cough, Nausea, and vomiting.

It is known that E-cigarettes are harmless, said CDC researcher Brian King said: “they can contain a variety of potentially harmful ingredients”. So cancer had already been found carcinogenic chemicals, heavy metals and other substances in products.

Also, compared to some of the flavors, there was a concern, said King. These ingredients would not be according to previous findings in direct connection with the disease cases, could intensify the symptoms, but.

From Germany there are no comparable cases are known so far. In the EU, and other regulations for E-cigarettes. In the USA you may contain, for example, significantly more nicotine.

E-cigarettes are considered less harmful than traditional cigarettes because they contain much less cancer-causing substances. However, the long-time are unexplored effects of nicotine consumption with E-cigarettes yet. Physicians recommend it only for Smoking cessation for adults.