“The cave of the lion: Can convince the healthy effervescent “water drop?

The idea to “water drop” had the Austrians Martin Murray: He wanted to create a healthy micro drink, of pleasure in the Drink.

Cube-Shaped Effervescent Tablets

In the case of the micro drinks are small cube-shaped effervescent tablets, the fruit and plant extracts contain, and boring water-a tasty drink to make.

Under the Slogan “cross-pollinated your water” is to help the product, the daily requirement of vitamins to cover – without any added sugar.

The names of the six tastes – “Focus”, “Boost”, “Defence”, “Relax”, “Youth” and “Glow” are the Motto of the mixtures.

The effervescent tablets contain, for example, peach, ginger, Ginseng, dandelion, B-vitamins and Vitamin C.

With a maximum of 4 calories per water drop, the tablets are not a Problem for all, who want to lose weight.

The six-pack costs 6.99 euros, and can currently only be ordered via the website of the company.

The concept convinced the Jury?

Whether this is a concept that convinced the entrepreneur in the Jury of the popular TV show, expect to invest a Million Euro for ten percent of the company, see the spectators on the 30. October at 20:15 on VOX.

The chances are not bad actually: nutrition and health are always an important theme in “the cave of The lion”.

With a company valuation of 10,000,000 euros, the Startup could have recognized, but also a bit too high.

Judith Kerstgens

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