The 14-Year-old who has written an algorithm, in order to fight cancer

Rishab Jain is 14 years old and lives in the United States. The Teenager has developed a Alogorithmus that can be used in the fight against pancreatic cancer. In the star , he describes his Motivation.

“I have always admired Apple founder Steve Jobs. I was fascinated by his dedication, he has brought new technologies in the world, have revolutionised the lives of many people. When I read that he glands of pancreatic cancer has died, has motivated me again to drive my research forward.

I have developed an algorithm that can be used to locate cancer treatments with radiation, the pancreas better. By breathing or restless patients, the pancreas moves, and it is often obscured by other organs. So far, a larger Area is therefore actually necessary to be irradiated. With my System you can work now point in more detail. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly types of cancer, since it is all the more important that the methods used to improve treatment.

Artificial intelligence against pancreatic cancer

The idea I had when I saw a statistic about the low survival rate for this cancer. At the time, I experimented with artificial intelligence, and I tried, until I finally found something that worked with a x-ray of the Abdomen very well. This lasted for about a year. Now I want to write a scientific paper, so my technique can be applied everywhere.


Ragna, Linus, Ronja and Florian: you cut classes in order to save the world

Instead of to school or Uni you go to on Fridays for Demo, to protest against the destruction of the environment. The star with four activists of the movement “Fridays For the Future”.

My father has a big influence on me – of small. He is an engineer. Five years ago, I programmed for the first Time. Of course, only very simple stuff. At the beginning of my father and my brother have taught me everything, today I do everything alone. I’m curious and want to learn as much as possible. Me never had to drive someone.

I want to study in any case, medicine. I want to be a doctor who understands the body, as well as new technologies applied and developed. If you give us young people the right opportunities and guidance, we have the power to change the world. I have now founded a non-profit organization that allows as many children as possible access to the so-called STEM courses. There, they learn new technologies. Everyone has great ideas, you just have to be active yourself.”