Thanks to a special jacket: deaf music can feel now

The deaf twin sisters Hermon and Heroda Berhane are dancing on the road in London. And although you can’t hear the music, Yes, there is now also a way for them to feel comfortable on the dance floor in a night club excluded. Was developed the so-called Sound-Shirt-jacket over a number of years of the company CuteCircuit. Francesca Rosella is the co-founder and Creative Director of the company in London: “In the Interior of the shirt, by the way, is completely made of textile, there are no wires and we only use smart materials. We have a combination of micro-electronics, which is very thin and flexible. And all of these small electronic motors are connected to this conductive substances, so that the garment is soft and stretchy.” Software then translated the Sound into a substantial boost. In this way, can be, for example, violins on the arms and drums on the back felt. The twin sisters are thrilled: “It’s almost as if you would feel the depth of the music. We feel you are able to move with her. It is a feeling that is really different.” However, the music organizer to play the game. Because of the respective locations of microphones must be set up to send the tones to a Computer, which then sends the Signal on to the special piece of clothing. And the price is currently at a minimum of 3,000 pounds per Sound Shirt, the equivalent of about 3,400 euros. However, some people already say now that this experience is almost priceless.