Sugar without the calories: the manufacturer is planning a sweetener Revolution

Almost everyone loves the taste of sugar – therefore, the sucrose is processed-containing crystal, probably in almost any kind of food. Because not only in pastries, chocolate and candy a lot of sugar. Even food, which we do not expect it, can be real sugar bombs. Sauces, Dressings, fruit yoghurts and ready meals are just a few examples.

Allulose – an (almost) calorie-free sweetener

The Problem with sugar is well known: He is not only unhealthy, but also rich in calories and therefore not conducive to the slim line. Sugar substitutes such as Stevia, xylitol, or erythritol are already on the market. Now Savanna Ingredients, a newly formed subsidiary of the sugar producer Pfeifer &amp works; Long, a new sugar-Alternative: Allulose. What makes this sweetener so special?

With Allulose, the manufacturer wants to offer a sweetener, the traditional sugar is in the taste and texture as close as possible. Unlike the easy-to-lakritzig-tasting Stevia it to Browning during baking, and the sugar, the usual mouth-feel leave. In contrast to household sugar virtually calorie-Allulose but free: To one gram of Allulose only 0.2 calories come from. The development of researchers expect that the product the Label 'kalorienfrei' is obtained.

Also the glycemic Index of Allulose is low, studies have shown that the sweetener causes little blood sugar level-change.

A sugar alternative, natural-based

The sugar occurs naturally in raisins and figs, and can not be metabolized by the body differently than sucrose, Fructose and Glucose by the body. In the consequence this means: He is so easy on the hips.

Allulose is on the verge of approval

In order to find the necessary Entzyme, it requires a special technique, which has only been around for a few years. 14 researchers from various disciplines were involved in the development. One of the basic materials of the production is beet sugar, other ingredients, enzymes and method of production are not known.

The manufacturers are just waiting for the approval for a sugar substitute – then Allulose be industrially manufactured. Those with a sweet tooth have a reason to rejoice!

Julia Are