So dementia can be prevented – WHO published for the first Time guidelines

Who moves more, and with the Smoking stops, it can prevent also a dementia disease. The world health organization (WHO) has published, in Geneva, for the first Time, appropriate guidelines and in the context of Obesity, Diabetes and hypertension with dementia pointed out. The States and actors in the health sector, the WHO advises in these areas to counteract.

“A physically active lifestyle is associated with the health of the brain,” according to the new guidelines. Large studies have shown that physically active people get rare diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. “Physical activity seems beneficial to have an influence on the structure of the brain.” In addition, the movement was not sufficiently good for high blood pressure – and is also a risk factor for dementia.

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Dementia different disease are grouped forms in which the mental performance is very strong. The vast majority of those Affected have Alzheimer’s disease. Ill lose within years, mental ability and change in personality. The disease usually leads to helplessness and severe dependency, both psychological and physical terms. Many do not recognize their relatives, some are aggressive. There is neither a preventive vaccine or a cure for Alzheimer’s. In some studies, but could be a connection between the diseases and the life-style or other health aspects. The WHO guidelines are now based.

Guidelines for dementia – two-stage model

The health organization has divided its recommendations on the Prevention of these diseases in two stages. Similar to the areas of Smoking and exercise, a clear recommendation was made for a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, the WHO declared that from their point of view, not for the intake of Vitamin B and E and other dietary supplements as a dementia prevention should be promoted.

In addition, the guidelines provide limited recommendations. This includes cognitive Training for older adults and measures to tackle Obesity in middle-age. Measures against hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption have been classified by the world health organization.

Risk Factor Age

According to WHO, the number of dementia will ill increase in the coming years in the world. By 2030, the organization predicts up to 82 million by 2050, with up to 152 million people are Affected. Currently, around 50 million people were diagnosed worldwide with dementia. In Germany, about 1.7 million people Alzheimer’s or other dementia disease.

To develop the greatest risk the age. Before the age of 65. Years of age are affected only a few, among the 85 – to 89-Year-old suffers according to the German Alzheimer society, every Fourth dementia. From the point of view of the WHO is also the General health and life style has an influence.