Passive Smoking increases the blood pressure

Smoky rooms or cars are a risk to health: New study results clearly show that passive Smoking is associated with an increased blood pressure. The scientists therefore call for even stricter Smoking bans to protect non-smokers.

Passive Smoking at home or in the workplace, the risk increases according to the results, for an increase in blood pressure by 13 percent. Who lived with an adult smoker, had a 15 percent greater probability of high blood pressure, and passive Smoking for ten or more years was associated with a 17 percent higher risk. Men and women were equally affected, such as the researchers at the Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, Korea, reports on the Congress of the European society of cardiology in Milan.

High blood pressure is worldwide cases, the most common cause of premature death. Affected is advised to stop Smoking. "Our study shows that still more than one out of every five non-smokers passively exposed to smoke. It’s more stringent Smoking bans, and more help for Smoking cessation erforderlich", Professor Byung Jin Kim says. "Avoid secondhand smoke, regardless of whether the smoker &ndash is still in the room; even the lowest amounts are gefährlich", Kim advises. Together with his Team, he had studied 131.739 non-Smoking, with an average age of 35 years, including a third of men.


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