Opponents want tips against the measles and gets a lot of malice

More and more people refuse to vaccinate their children, the world health organization has a rating of the opponents as a “global threat”. In the U.S., the Trend has dangerous consequences: Everywhere in the country, the 2000 breaks down as a defeated disease explained again, alone, in the state of Washington, there were already more than 40 new cases. A concerned Impfgegnerin wanted tips therefore on how you can protect your child – and was created mainly in Häme.

“My three year old is not vaccinated and there is currently a measles outbreak in my state. I welcome all suggestions for precautions, with which I can protect you” posted the mother of a now closed Facebook group for opponents. And got even in the group any amount of answers that not helped her, but very entertaining.

Flat earth air and a wall

“Bring them to the edge of the flat earth. Because the air is better,” wrote one user. Another recommended in the case of religious Americans popular phrase “Thoughts and Prayers” (thoughts and prayers). “Build a wall around them and let to pay for the Vaccinated for it,” advised a user, in a clear reference to Trumps wall plans. Another recommends a Facebook Post, “1 like one prayer” (Like a prayer”). These, too, are in conservative Social Media users in the United States is very popular.

However, with the malice it was not over yet. The Post quickly spread in other social media such as Twitter and Reddit – and also made sure that there for laughs. “My children have totally changed, as I had them vaccinated. It was creepy. Now you are even against preventable diseases immune”, feixt about a Twitter user. “I refuse the food, and I’m extremely hungry. Anyone Suggestions?”, someone wrote on Reddit.

Others also had tips – which should help. “Quite simply, five times a day with a window cleaner, scrub it clean,” wrote one Reddit user. Another suggested that “Franks Red Hot” Chili Sauce. “Get more crystals”, it was said by a third party. One of them had a quite crazy idea: “Put your child a weakened Form of the Virus. His immune system will develop antibodies that have learned to combat it effectively. If only there was a way. I bet it would work.” That’s because none of it has come …

Just as the classical vaccination works.

Sources: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit

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