No more desire to Simple group: Why this doctor opponents, and throws out his practice

Christoph Seeber is a General practitioner with a private practice in Leer, East Frisia, a quiet place with just 35,000 inhabitants. Since the days of Seeber in the press as the General practitioner who does not tolerate any opponents in his practice. A conversation with a doctor who has no desire for discussion.

“Doctor, granted Impfgegnern the house prohibition in its practice” – these and similar headlines are currently in the network, the round. Dr. Seeber, what happened?

A few months ago, a mother came with her child in my practice. She was previously at the children’s doctor, who had shown that your child has a whooping cough infection. The child was allegedly highly contagious. The two of you sat in the waiting room to my other patients. As they were, not asked me, the mother of a preventive antibiotic so that it infects. The woman was a declared Impfgegnerin, therefore, the infection of the child. Since I have become something evil, because it has tolerated, that they will infect other patients, especially younger and infants, and may not have had complete Vaccination.

The first incident of this kind?

No, I recently sent a mother in my practice told me in an interview that she would not vaccinate her child for sure. That’s not possible.

What makes you so angry? After all, the patients in your practice.

The casualness with which these people are willing to jeopardize the health of others, and infections can spread to. The hurt, in my opinion, the right to physical integrity. This basic attitude is anti-social.

What is it that makes opponents in their eyes so dangerous?

If 95 percent of people are vaccinated, then a so-called herd protection. This means that in the community, just so a few people basically contagion are capable of, that pathogens do not spread. For every unvaccinated or non-protected humans, there are enough people who shield him “” because you are not able to spread the pathogen. This herd protection but starting at a vaccination rate of 95 percent. Once again, the previous question, on the one Hand, annoys me to Impfgegnern that you can afford your Spleen just because you rely as a matter of course on the stove the protection of the group. And that you will take on the other hand, in purchase that other people get sick or die. In the case of measles, the probability of dying is 1 in 1000.

You are a General practitioner with a private practice. Have you noticed in the past few years, a rethink in their patients? You will become impfmüde?

One is the perception of the other: We know that the Impfbereitschaft in Germany drops. I have the practice now for 18 years and have built a solid Patient base. I’m certainly not a doctor, refers to a typical opponents, a certain selection has been pre-so. In this respect, I see in my practice, there is no increase of cases. But clearly, if people move to Empty and to come for the first Time for me, opponents are sometimes.

What do you do then?

I don’t want to be Impfpolizist and people refer to. But to me, it is important that people get vaccinated. That is to say, first of all, I’m looking for a conversation and advise the patient. But when I realize that all facts are of no use, then do not trust me, obviously, as a doctor. Then, the whole doctor-Patient relationship has no future.

This means: The Patient, the patient would have to find a new family doctor?

Yes. I don’t like to talk against a wall. Some people can simply not affect or lecture, not even with professional advice.

What if the child of a Impfgegnerin or Impfgegners ill – these cases they treat, but still?

First, I’m a doctor. My job is to lift people and help them. Of course, I am also in measles and other things. But if I notice that also after the measles infection is no discussion in the direction of vaccination is possible, then I will say this: The next Time you’re sick, you go somewhere else, please.

What do you think: what are the reasons for the Impfskepsis?

I cannot understand this skepticism and wonder. There are certain vague Fears. For example, there is the Theory that vaccinations would encourage autism, what is demonstrably wrong. Or that vaccinations would only benefit the pharmaceutical industry. We Doctors deserve to vaccination between seven and ten euros, if you are running cash medical. So you will not be rich.

What is the role of lost trust?

This is certainly also a large Problem. Many patients come with a Google-diagnosis to a doctor, or googling after the doctor’s appointment, whether you should begin therapy or treatment. There is more skepticism, fueled by stupid sources in forums or social networks. And we have a lot of bad events, such as the great polio waves in the fifty years not as present as before. These cases are even before my birth. Nevertheless, I follow in my practice, older patients with Polio.

As reported in the Weser-Kurier, you have to be Polio-a personal history, they tell impfkritischen patients.

As a medical student I wanted to improve my wages, and have in parallel worked in the care. In the University hospital, I cared Gain me to patients, including a man who was infected in Egypt holiday with Polio. He was not vaccinated and got infected through contaminated salad. The Manager of Fürth could still breathe and swallow, much more. With Mid 40’s. That impressed me deeply. This should not happen.

They are calling for mandatory vaccination?

Yes, I see the policy in the obligation. The should do their homework.

With your opinion, you can sure to. What kind of feedback have you gotten so far?

Mostly positive, especially from colleagues who are looking forward to that time of the mouth. The Tenor: “it’s good that you talk about, Mr. I would not have married me.” Also a couple of opponents wave. Just now I get again two-point reviews on Google.

Some users accuse you of, to defame opponents.

Far be it from me to defame anyone. But it is important to me, in the people get and I’m afraid that the above factual disputes is often possible. I want to generate attention for the topic and I clearly pro-vaccination position. I just discuss no desire to. At least not with this Simple group.