More procedures, less patients doctor denounces prosperity: economic pressure in clinics

Breast cancer patients have enough to do to handle your serious illness. Unnecessary surgery you should avoid them as much as possible. You need, for example, chemotherapy, must be placed a catheter in a large vein. A small procedure that we used to be, whenever he appears, in the context of tumor surgery or lymph node sampling carried out. The SURGERY time was prolonged thereby immaterial. But then the billing system to the case of lump sum came.

Regardless of whether we placed venous catheter or not, the clinic earned the same money, paid all the material costs that were not reimbursed extra. “So we will make losses”, left me in the hospital administration know. No one said it specifically, but it was clear what the consequence, I had to put to draw: no venous catheter and more. My patients had to be ambulatory so now after discharge from the hospital again with a vascular surgeon on the operating table.

This is just one of many situations that I experienced in my time as a hospital doctor after the introduction of the lump-sum payments, in which the economic interests of the house were ethical in the way. What scares me: Soon all of our clinics of Doctors no longer know anything else, because they are grown in this System.

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