Lowering blood pressure reduces the risk of dementia

High blood pressure does not hurt, but should still be treated. By a blood pressure-lowering therapy the risk of stroke and diseases of the circulatory system decreases. Researchers from Ireland to add something: The treatment of high blood pressure prevents, in addition of dementia.

Physicians from Galway, Ireland, show in the "Journal of the American Medical Association" (JAMA), that the taking of blood pressure drugs reduced the risk for dementia and mental impairment over a period of four years to each of seven per cent. Worldwide 50 million people suffer from dementia, and the researchers expect that through a consistent monitoring and treatment of high blood pressure many cases could be prevented.

High blood pressure remains häoften unnoticed

A longitudinal study had shown that two-thirds of the more than 50-Year-old in Ireland suffer from high blood pressure. Half of them knew nothing about it, and a third was untreated. "If you consider how often the dementia occurs in the population, would haben&quot an effective treatment and control of high blood pressure is a major impact on the prevention of dementia;, Dr. Conor Judge by the Wellcome Trust Health Research Board said.

Against dementia until today there is no effective treatment. Dr. Michelle Canavan, Geriaterin at Galway University Hospital, advises, therefore, seriously: "You can check your blood pressure. If it is high, it can be easily treated with lifestyle Changes and medications. We hope that our study will sharpen the health awareness of the importance of blood pressure control for maintaining the brain."


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