Interactive map: Where the average life expectancy in Germany is highest

Researchers from the Max-Planck-Institute, published on Monday in Rostock, a study shows in what circles of Germany, the life expectancy is the highest. The results show that the South and South-West doing best.

The life expectancy is different in the 402 counties in men by up to 5.4 years, according to the Max-Planck-Institute for demographic research on Monday in Rostock. In women, the maximum difference amounts to just under four years, women in the salzland district, Saxony-Anhalt, in the cut would 81,8 years old. In contrast, women in the district of Starnberg, southwest of Munich, we are looking to be an average of 85.7 years of age.

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In men, the researchers found a North-South gradient: In Bremerhaven, the life expectancy of men, the study found that, on average for 75.8 years, in the district of Munich, is at 81.2 years, the highest. The researchers created a map, from which it is apparent that the counties concentrate with a particularly high life expectancy in the South and southwest of the Federal Republic of Germany. The researchers published their study results in the “Ärzteblatt”.

The results for all counties can be found here.

Life expectancy in the East lower

Also between the East and the West, there are differences: More counties with lower life expectancy were in the East of Germany than in the West, the scientists report. But also in the Ruhr area, there are counties in which the residents die on average earlier. To Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen and Essen are included.

The scientists also looked at reasons for the differences. A strong influence will have according to their findings, the unemployment rate and the ratio of the Hartz-IV-receiver. “Who wants to reduce differences in life expectancy, needs to improve especially the living conditions of the poorest part of the population,” said Roland Rau of the Max-Planck-Institute. However, factors such as the average income, the number of Doctors per 100,000 inhabitants or the population density is much lower influence.

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