In Greece, a child was born with the genetic material of three people

So much So, the traditional family image is also shaken, and currently, becomes more diverse, the number of producers is only shaken rarely. Something other than a two-headed producer couple, comes to us mostly. This is a mistake. In Greece, it is the world’s first begotten a successful child with the genetic material of three people to help a barren woman’s own offspring. The Baby, a Boy, came on Tuesday, with a weight of 2960 grams of to the world, informed the Greek treatment centre, Institute of Life (IVF), on Thursday in Athens.

In the case of the mother it was a 32-year-old Greek woman, in the previously several In vitro fertilisation procedures had failed. The method used in the case of a pitted ovum, the isolated genetic material to another woman and the sperm of a man are fused together, had already come in 2016 in Mexico. But then it was not to help an infertile patient, but to prevent the Transmission of a hereditary disease.

More opportunities for the artificial insemination

A Greek-Spanish team of Doctors to the embryologists Panagiotis Psathas had funneled a set of chromosomes of the parent with the genetic information in the egg of an egg donor from which the genetic Material had been removed. This composite Einzelle was then fertilized in the laboratory with a sperm cell of the father, and then in the womb of the mother.

“Today the inalienable right of a wife, mother will be by your own genetic material, for the first Time in the world a reality,” said Psathas, who heads the Institute of Life. “Greek scientists, we are very proud to announce an Innovation in artificial insemination.” Now women in whom In vitro fertilisation had already failed several times or suffered from certain hereditary diseases would be able to get a child of their own, stressed Psathas.