Ibuprofen is more popular than Aspirin – but it can have dangerous side effects

Not the famous Aspirin but Ibuprofen the Germans swallow the most. The active ingredient sells all types of pain, relieves inflammation and is considered to be well tolerated. Completely harmless Ibuprofen, however, is not.

  • It is effective against pain and inflammation – this is the special feature of Ibuprofen.
  • In comparison to competing painkillers Ibuprofen has few side effects.
  • The active ingredient is freely available, but can also be prescribed by a doctor.

Ibuprofen has developed in the last ten years of the most sold painkillers in Germany. Tablets, suppositories or juices containing the active ingredient buy pharmacy customers twice as often as ten years ago. In the year 2013 Ibuprofen has overtaken Aspirin in terms of sold packs. Scientifically not justifiable, that Ibuprofen is more popular than Aspirin – say Bayer. Also, doctors only see minor benefits, Ibuprofen, for example, acts not stronger. That Ibuprofen is so popular today, is due to several factors:

  • Ibuprofen is considered to be thoroughly researched and, above all: as a few side effects.
  • It helps in different doses – the whole family: the feverish child, the mother with menstrual pain and the grandpa with arthritis in the knee.
  • Amateur athletes swallow a "Ibu" often prophylactically prior to a training session.
  • Ibuprofen is , in principle, without a prescription. But it is also among Physicians a good reputation. You must not, and must prescribe it in higher doses.

With 25.6 million packs of the drug was 2015 top tab under the regulations, which were billed to public health insurance. Numerous pharmaceutical providers have Ibuprofen in the program. The prices are comparable. Unlike acetylsalicylic acid (Asa) with “Aspirin” by Bayer stings not an expensive Original. Ibuprofen in pharmacy both as a tablet or capsule, as a suppository, juice, granules or ointment. Best offer on BestCheck.de

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So Ibuprofen looks

Ibuprofen is braked, a so-called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), a drug that inflammatory processes in the body. As it came up in 1969, initially on the UK market, it was intended as an osteoarthritis drug.

Ibuprofen inhibits inflammatory enzymes, called prostaglandins. They occur in the entire body. Prostaglandins lead to further inflammatory signals and generate the perception of pain in the affected tissue. As a Prostaglandin-Stop relieve not only inflammations, but also mild-to-moderate pain Ibuprofen and reduces fever.

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Fewer side effects than the competition

Ibuprofen is his main rival among the painkillers in terms of side effects superior. ACE, for example, has the disadvantage that it prevents the clotting of blood. Acetaminophen attacks the liver, is in high doses, even fatal.

Harmless Ibuprofen, however, is not also. The possible side effects:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Sleep disorders
  • Allergies: if you are prone to allergies, you should be taking Ibuprofen carefully. Because the drug inhibits the inflammatory enzymes, prostaglandins, increase in other Pro-inflammatory substances, leukotrienes messengers are distributed. For asthmatics and Allergy sufferers, this can be dangerous.
  • Kidney damage – Ibuprofen, like most drugs on the kidney to removed and can cause damage there. Take an Ibuprofen, therefore, is no longer, as a doctor or pharmacist recommend.
  • Heart attack and stroke: A study of the Oxford University came to the conclusion that taking Ibuprofen, the risk for a heart attack or stroke, increases.

How to take Ibuprofen

The active ingredient is up to a dosage of 400 milligrams of over-the-counter available. In this low dose Ibuprofen is effective for adults analgesic and antipyretic. The anti-inflammatory effect occurs from 1000 milligrams per day. The maximum daily dose should not exceed the self-medication 1200 milligrams of and not even taking for a period of three to four days.

For the higher-dose preparations with 600 or 800 milligrams, you need a doctor’s prescription. The stronger tablets are, for example, inflammatory-rheumatic joint diseases are needed. The daily dose can be up to 2400 milligrams. The Patient should not take the drug without medical control.

For children under 12 years of age there are also special, low-dose Ibuprofen preparations.

Ibuprofen works best when taken on an empty stomach, a full stomach will prevent the exploitation. After about one to two hours the maximum concentration in the body is achieved. The half-life is two to four hours.

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