I was bitten by the neighbor’s cat – and I almost died from it

Actually, he wanted to just rush a cat to help, the terrible screaming. But the rescue attempt had cost a young man from Munich, almost life – because she bit the cat lovers in both hands.

Only two small scars are visible on his hands. They are well healed. They are Remnants of a dangerous disease, due to the 28-year-old Moritz Diethelm, not only his fingers and his Hand may have lost, but also his life. Caused by the bite of a cat.

“I heard in front of the house my girlfriend’s a cat quite heart-rending cry,” says the Burda-a Journalist, the events of last July. As he stepped in front of the door, he saw the cat of a neighbor who had been missing for a week.

The man about the cat: "She bit suddenly, such as wild become sich"

“I lured you with a sausage and took them on the Arm to bring the owner back,” says Moritz the incident. However, as the cat was scared, the bite you will become like a wild and wounded him on the left ring finger and the hand, right back of the Hand. “The bite wounds were small, but because I know that animal bites are dangerous to life may be, I immediately drove to the emergency room of the hospital, Eichstätt,” says Diethelm.

FOL The wound two weeks after surgery on the left ring finger

In the hospital the wounds were disinfected and supplies. After that Diethelm was sent home with the statement that everything is “not so bad” and he should contact the house doctor, if he would get pain. His objection that this serious inflammation may arise from the fact of the competent doctor with “all nonsense”.

"My hands were thick angeschwollen"

As Diethelm woke up the next day, were swollen, his hands thick. “I felt good, had pain,” he says. After a call in the Munich clinic, this ordered him immediately: “When I got there, I submit without a waiting period equal to and with a maximum dose of antibiotics – treatment- about three hours later, I was under the knife.”

FOL The hands and the Arm were thick involved

Indeed, the cat bites had him inflamed dangerous, so the phlegmon caused. It is a serious inflammation of the underlying tissue, when it comes to purulent processes and to the death of the tissue. This process is not interrupted, it can be a fatal Sepsis, a blood poisoning as a result.

Two weeks with wrapped arms in the hospital

In the case of a surgery, the Doctors removed at Diethelm, the infected tissue on both hands and were able to prevent the worst.

All the two weeks he was with wrapped arms in the hospital with permanent Antibiotics. As Diethelm was able to leave the hospital at last, he was still sick for a week. “I had a hell of a pain and could bewegen&quot because of the wounds barely the Finger;. After the wounds were somewhat healed, he also had problems with the motor: “I had difficulties while working on the computer, because I could tap with the fingers only with difficulty”.

FOL Inconspicuous and yet so dangerous: The wound on the left ring finger two weeks after SURGERY

Four months later, Diethelm looks at his hands, and is glad that everything has gone well. Because cat bites include as soon as possible, because the risk of infection is extremely high. By the long pointed teeth, the wounds are often very deep, so that there Phlegnome can form. Especially at the hands of the pathogen can spread through the long Tendons and tendon sheaths, especially to spread good in the body.

From this painful experience, Diethelm has learned one thing: “I will never touch again strange cats, and can only advise people to be careful.” Because animal bites include immediately treated medically.

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