I want to remember that!

Coaching for the reminder,I’ll remember you.

Brain Apps brain-Jogging-tasks are now a billion-dollar market. Many people hope to be able to make your memory improve. This is understandable: after all, who cares for his brain health over many years, protects today against forgetfulness and lowers in the future, possibly even the risk of Dementia.

The Problem: it is not established the long-term effectiveness of this often very simple and redundant Exercises. Extensive meta-studies on various Brain-training, such as the University of Illinos, demonstrate long-term effects.

Animation: How the brain us is deceptive

Instead of training a single, narrowly defined skills, should be integrated with memory care in all areas of life, says the cognitive psychologist Hans Markowitsch: “The little grey cells, you can strengthen on the physical, cognitive, social and emotional level.” In order to do that, you need only a single training Tool: the own everyday life. To lead an in-depth conversation with others, read a book, go for a Swim – all of this can protect the memory or even improve it.

Together with the Team of the LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE Hans markowitsch has therefore developed a Coaching you train your memory skills through small changes and challenges in everyday life. Over a period of ten weeks, we will provide a simple Exercise, you will learn to organize your work, your relationships and your leisure-time, so that the grey cells on their toes. In addition, you get tips on how to feed the brain healthy and in Calmness and Confidence to practice – because the strengths of the memory.

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