How to distinguish a male influenza of a dangerous disease?

It’s not the Horror of many women: The man stays at home and is ill. Not a flu or something. No, he’s up to something, which is popularly referred to sometimes as men flu and fakes.

Days of the Lord of the house is put out of action. He wants to be brought up, but not patronized. And in any case he would like to see a doctor. All Rubbish? Lucinde, Hutzenlaub and Anna, Duke, have written a book about the myth of “men’s flu”. In this – not always one hundred percent serious Interview explains Lucinde Hutzenlaub, what might be behind the disease and how women and men at the best with the state of emergency bypass.

Why do we need a book on catarrh, especially for men?

Lucinde Hutzenlaub: a runny nose is not cold. We are talking here of men flu, a very special expression of the vile cold. When Researching our book has told me a man, he would rather have daily root canal treatment without anaesthetic as to be only a day a cold.


Hutzenlaub: Yes. Perhaps this is due to our past, explain: men had to be as a hunter, brave, if someone has rammed a knife into the leg. But diseases come from the inside, and a systemically cripple, you can’t handle, apparently, so good.

What could be the problem?

Hutzenlaub, at Least with regard to the susceptibility to bad colds, there is a Declaration approach. Women have been known to have two X chromosomes, men an X and a Y. it is striking Because already in the Look: The Y is not as secure as the X. Clear, therefore, that men are more prone to the dangerous men of the flu, or? All kidding aside, in fact, geneticists have found out that on the X-chromosomes more genes are, which are for the immune system responsible. The could make women less vulnerable. Add to that: men tend to not necessarily wash excessive hands, eat Vegetables and go for a walk.

The infection is different? So men are affected differently than women?

Hutzenlaub: The viruses are the same, and the nose also works differently than in women. A man’s flu, but feels different. A runny nose can throw the man on the Couch. He feels that as a maximum threat.

What do you advise women how to deal with this condition?

Hutzenlaub: Just leave them alone. No well-intentioned advice, with a maximum of a chicken soup. This is for both sides the Best.

Doctors criticise and Yes, sometimes, that people cure to take drugs rather than. Make it men flu-Ridden so actually, right?

Hutzenlaub: Clearly, da can learn from the women something. From a harmless cold can also be a serious disease, because the immune system is weakened. On the other hand, A runny nose or a slight irritation of Throat you do not need to give so much space. From my point of view, a good indication is when you think: “I should now interject as a combined preparation, in order to survive the day at work.” It is good to say: “I do now, but give me a break.” This applies for men as for women.

And what can learn from men to women?

Hutzenlaub: Preventive Measures. Wash your hands for example before eating, after coming Home, after using the toilet. More vegetables to eat. And different sports, Instead of totally being able to exercise and to drink then a beer, it helps the body more easy, continuous motion in everyday life.

How to distinguish a male influenza of a dangerous disease?

Hutzenlaub: Due to a high fever. Adults don’t tend to have a high fever. Since it is tough, and a visit to the doctor is advisable. The only Problem is that If it is really serious, men want to not to the doctor. Then you want to prefer to die alone in your bed…