How can the sugar – and fat-burning boost?

Scientists from Texas and Pennsylvania have identified a substance, which inhibits in hunger periods, as a switch, the conversion of sugar and fat into energy. You hope that you could people with metabolism and help diseases with weight loss by changing the activity of the switch and the sugar – and fat-burning increases.

Thus, the power plants of our cells, with the ability to produce mitochondria, the energy from sugar and fat, must flow through a transport channel Calcium into them. Researchers have now identified a Protein called MICU1, which regulates the current through the channel as a switch: When the nutrient content is low, reduced MICU1 of the channel activity to prevent excessive consumption. Conversely, MICU1 can boost the activity with a good supply of Nutrients.

Prof. Dr. Madesh Muniswamy from the Health Science Center the University of Texas at San Antonio is an expert on the function and properties of mitochondria and the results, as senior author in the journal "Science Signaling" published. "If you speed up the channel, sugar and fat are burned up and you will be slimmer. We would like to offer a solution for the metabolic crisis, with millions of people around the world sind&quot face;, Muniswamy said. He plans to develop a new drug to control this way, and to alleviate many of the metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.