High blood pressure: combination preparations are better than single agents

Many cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension are treated simultaneously with several agents. Patients, however, it is heavy, several times a day different tablets to take. It is better, therefore, to a fixed combination of several medicinal substances in use in a single tablet, said Prof. Dr Rolf Daniels at an international training Congress of the German Federal chamber of pharmacists in Schladming, Austria.

The fewer tablets need to swallow of a Patient, the longer he holds out his treatment in the rule. Especially in the case of multiple doses per day, the plays a role: More than 8 out of 10 patients to take daily medication, do so reliably in the long term. In the case of a three times daily intake only 6 of 10 patients. "The skillful selection of medicines, therefore, can contribute to a therapy ist&quot successful in the long term;, Daniels says. The pharmacist teaches Pharmaceutical technology at the University of Tübingen.

According to the recently published European guideline for the treatment of high blood pressure of Two or three, are combination drugs as the standard Therapy. Daniels: "But they have so far been approved only for the patients, in which mono-preparations are not sufficient. Many approvals are lagging behind the guideline."

Combination preparations can, however, also have disadvantages: Because of the fixed mixture ratio of the doctor can deal with its regulation on individual characteristics. In addition, combination preparations for the beginning of a therapy, the dose of the active ingredients has to be increased slowly, often not available. In addition, Combination products are often more expensive than the mono-preparations.


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