Health authority: the residents of Stockholm could be 40 per cent immune to Corona

Sweden was during the ongoing Corona-pandemic for a long time as a problem child. In comparison to its neighbouring Scandinavian countries, the infection and death rates are significantly higher. According to recent information the Swedish national health authority 77.281 Corona are registered Folkhälsomyndigheten infections, 5619 people have died as a result of Covid-19, approximately 90 percent of the Swedish Corona-the dead are 70 years of age or older.

Currently, the infection seems to be done but to go back On Friday 404 new Corona cases were registered compared to the previous day, the number of new ICU patients per day since the beginning of July in the single-digit range. On Friday 26 Corona-the Dead were reported compared to the previous day.

Exceptionalism by the crisis

The risk area acts as a role model? In Sweden a divorce in the Corona-the summer of the spirits

May be up to 40 percent of the immune

With the decline in Numbers of some of the the question of how it looks with the herd immunity in Sweden. According to Johan Carlson, Director-General of the Folkhälsomyndigheten, the proportion of people with Corona-antibodies in Stockholm between 17.5 and 20 percent. Other studies on the effect of T cells on immunity would suggest that this proportion may be the same, writes the newspaper “Dagens Nyheter”. In the Rest of the country it is less than half.

“This is of course very positive. This results in quite a high immunity values, which we in Stockholm may have an immunity of up to 40 percent can have, which is important to slow the spread”, is Carlson quoted. There is a lot, which indicates that this was not the case.

T-cells play an important role in the human immune system. They arise in the bone marrow from where they enter the blood stream. T-cells, the membrane composition of the cells of the body to monitor pathological changes. They attack antigens (substances that bind to antibodies) directly and destroy their own cells of the body are affected by viruses or mutations. There are different types of T-cells. So there is what, the so-called B-cells activate, which then form antibodies. Antibodies are the immune system are also important proteins that are produced as a reaction to certain substances (antigens).

Current study investigated antibody

Already in may, the state health authority reported that more than one out of every five residents of the Swedish capital of antibodies have formed against the Coronavirus, such as the pointing between the result of an ongoing study. Accordingly, showed up in Stockholm, that 7.3 percent at the end of April more than a thousand randomly Tested had antibodies. In the case of the extrapolation of the share of the population with antibodies, it was considered that the Tests are already available for a few weeks and that it usually takes a few days, until the body creates antibodies against the pathogen developed. In other Parts of the country, the Figures for the antibody layer carrier lower. In the extreme South, there were 4.2 percent, in the Region of Gothenburg, only 3.7 per cent.

Previous calculations, among other things, of Tom Britton, a Professor of mathematics at the University of Stockholm, had shown that the herd immunity could already reach 40 to 45 percent, the newspaper said. State epidemiologist Tegnell have not kept that herd immunity is the strategy of the state, even if you could achieve this in the long run.

Petter Brodin, immunologist Institutet at the prestigious Karolinska Institute, sees the Situation in Sweden, the optimism, “Dagens Nyheter”. According to him, it is not to say, however, possible to if Stockholm’ve achieved herd immunity: “If you know how T-cells work, you know that all people have T-cells for various things. It is difficult to draw conclusions, whether you had the infection or not.” The spread of Infection would be reduced, but the development would not be fully consistent with the antibody levels in the population.


Doctors test the blood of the first German Corona-patients – knowledge dampens hope for vaccine

Immunity after infection with Corona controversial

However, not all experts are so optimistic about the immunity to the Coronavirus. Studies with recovering Covid-19-patients dampen the hope for a long-lasting immunity, and thus a long effectiveness of a possible vaccine, as the German press Agency reported on Sunday. Blood tests of the first Corona-patients in Germany were treated at the end of January in Munich, clinic Schwabing, showed a significant decrease in the number of so-called neutralizing antibodies in the blood, reported Clemens Wendtner, chief doctor of the local clinic for infectious diseases.

“In four of the nine patients, we see a decline in neutralizing antibodies in a very special Test that can only be done in a high-security laboratory,” said Wendtner. “The extent of this impact for the long-term immunity and vaccination strategies, is currently speculative, but it has to be observed critically.” It indicates, however, that after made disease a Neuansteckung is possible.

For the long-term immunity-associated and antibody measured immunity is in addition to the so-called B-cell also called T-cell immunity is relevant. If patients lose neutralizing antibodies, could the latter might be a protection. T-lymphocytes are able to kill virus-infected cells in a targeted manner, if you have previously met her opponent once more.

Investigation in Spain

Hardly Anti-body: large study brings no evidence of herd immunity by Corona

Spanish study: Only five percent of antibodies

Wendtners insights in the experiences of other scientists and results of the study. Chinese researchers reported in the journal “Nature Medicine” that the anti-body after two months, especially in patients with symptom went free of course strong, but also in actually ill patients, the values were significantly. Patients with little symptoms had also developed fewer antibodies and, therefore, a weaker immune response.

A great anti-body study from Spain also came to the sobering results, the star reported. It has been suggested that due to the severe infection event, many people had been infected, in which Covid-19 is mild or symptom-free is lost. This would have developed – suspect – nevertheless, antibody, and would thus contribute to a herd protection. The study of more than 60,000 people showed that, on average, only five percent of the Spanish population had developed Corona antibodies.

Sources: “Dagens Nyheter”, SVT, Folkhälsomyndigheten, news agencies DPA and AFP, the German society for immunology, German centre for infection research

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