Hardly anyone knows it: Of a certain toilet paper, you should be sure to Finger – Video

Itching in the anal area – many like to have at the beginning of the suspected, hemorrhoids. But mostly it is a maintenance problem in the Anus, such as FOCUS-Online-skin expert Christoph Liebich explains

Be tip: in Order to prevent itching, you should not clean your anal area with soap. Often soap residue can be overlooked, this can lead to irritation or irritation of the skin. Also bad for the anal area: The use of moist toilet paper. Moist toilet paper usually contains also Soaps or perfumes, which can irritate the anal area.

On this toilet paper you should avoid

FOCUS Online skin expert Christoph Liebich recommends you also from coloured, recycled or scented toilet paper. Recycled toilet paper contains dyes of the printing industry, and also this can irritate the anal area. Better: Use only water for the care and use pure white toilet paper.