Hard to place: a coalition of politicians harping on the end of the cost of acquisition for homeopathy

Who wants to buy in France, Globules and other homeopathic remedies, it must pay from the year 2021 self. The French Ministry of health has announced this week, to highlight the cash reimbursement for homeopathic remedies and, therefore, also in Germany, a debate on the pros and Cons of the cost of acquisition is triggered.

Professional politicians of the great coalition in favour of the co-payments of health insurance for homeopathic remedies to be abolished. “It is difficult to explain that the cost of homeopathy are partially taken over, while savings must be made,” said the Chairman of the Bundestag health Committee, Erwin Rüddel (CDU), the editorial network in Germany. “That’s why I can imagine an end to the reimbursement ability.”

Homeopathy soon on a self-paying basis?

The health-policy spokesperson of the SPD parliamentary group, Sabine Dittmar said the RND Newspapers, you can follow the decision-making in France, “absolutely”. “The effectiveness of homeopathic medicines is not demonstrated.” You see, it is therefore “critical that health insurance companies and, therefore, the contribution number and contribution payers Finance these funds.”

Also, the health-policy spokesperson of the FDP sees it this way: “Everyone who is in favour of homeopathy, you can also purchase more. But on a self-paying basis,” said Christine ash, mountain-Dugnus the RND. The Left-politician Harald Weinberg, the debate, however, is excessive. The cost of homeopathy for the health insurance funds were extremely low. There are more important problems in the health sector, for example, the nursing shortage in hospitals, the lead to complications and preventable deaths.

In Germany homeopathic remedies are not part of the power catalogue of statutory health insurance. However, many funds, the cost of treatment for the natural healing process – report to for the purposes of marketing.

On Thursday, the Chairman of the cash-medical Federal Union, Andreas streets called for an end to the financing of such services by the health insurance funds in Germany. The AOK-Federal Association called for clarity by the German legislator.

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