Great danger for the athletes and audience

Who wants to make at 40 degrees in the shade extreme sports, you must note a few things – and who wants to watch it, too. “This is a huge Problem. The athletes we can prepare well, the audience we reach are difficult,” says Michael Sroka from the German Red cross, the medical Director of the Ironman in Frankfurt, which takes place this Sunday.

Around 3000 triathletes will be on Sunday in Frankfurt am Main, 17. Ironman to compete. Are announced temperatures up to 40 degrees. The race starts Swimming around 6.25 PM with a 3.8 kilometres, then 185 km on the bike. After you have put in the midday heat continuously even 42,195 kilometres, are expected the first athletes against 14.30 clock in the target.

More dropouts and more Dehydrogenation

“The athletes have prepared themselves in Training to keep your body core temperature even at high temperatures and great effort constant. At the Aid Stations along the route, you can supply yourself with ice cream and drinks,” says Sroka. Nevertheless, he and his Team expect to be among the runners at these temperatures, more dropouts, and more Dehydrogenation.

His Team of 350 helper was inside, and helpers, with about 35 Physicians, but very good set. “Everything that you can to prepare, we have prepared,” says Sroka – overall, he had ordered 2000 infusions.

Twelve tons of ice for Cooling

Sroka provides, however, the spectators of the big event: “Wear sun-protection and sun cream. If you drink enough, you go in the shade. Also, do not forget the protective measures for their children,” he appeals to all visitors.

The organiser has responded to the weather forecast. According to dpa, it is in addition to 30,000 litres of water to the Food for the athletes, twelve tons of ice to Cool. In addition, a third will be put more electrolyte drinks available and the running track on the Bank of the main has changed, therefore, easily providing over a length of 2.8 kilometers now, in addition to shade.

Doctor advises against tap water

In the heat it is particularly important that sufficient electrolytes to take so minerals, so Sroka, “tap water, a cardinal, especially for the athletes of error in these temperatures.” In case of strong sweating of the content decreases in minerals such as sodium, Calcium or chloride in the blood. By electrolyte-containing beverage can be compensated for, in tap water, however, contain a few minerals.

This is also a case of death occurred in consequence of the iron Mans 2015 in Frankfurt, the Frankfurter Rundschau reported. A runner had been drinking at similar temperatures during the competition, very much tap water. Through the a lot of sweating and the high hydration of the sodium content of his blood had fallen significantly. The Briton collapsed after the Arrival to the finish line and died of edema a few days later of a brain. Doctors suspect that this was a result of strong sodium deficiency.