Golden Retriever, Griffin receives honorary degree from the University of his mistress

As a loyal assistant dog Griffin has accompanied his owner Brittany Hawley through your Master’s degree in Albany, New York. The 25-Year-old is physically disabled and in a wheelchair. At each Seminar, the companion dog was on Brittany’s side, brought her the phone when she could not reach for it, accompanied them to tests, and even in the internship, he stood by her side, as “apnews” reported. Only fitting, then, that the four-year-old Golden Retriever was now, as Brittany for her master’s degree in occupational therapy, was honored, along with their – with its own diploma.

The Golden Retriever was rewarded for his commitment

The good-natured four-legged friend was rewarded for his loyal service: At the Clarkson University in the U.S. state of New York, he received his own master’s degree for a particular type of therapy. With a recognition ceremony, he was going for his “extraordinary efforts, his tireless effort and diligent commitment to the welfare and success of the students” rewarded. Already from the first day you got him pushed to a conclusion, because he had finally done the exact same thing as you, told Hawley “apnews”.

It is dependent on the wheelchair, and Griffin is always by your side

The 25-year-old Brittany Hawley from North Carolina, suffers from chronic pain and is dependent on a wheelchair. In 2016, she received the dog Griffin by “paw4prisons”. The program has taken on the task, the inmates from the West Virginia prison to teach, help train dogs, and to place them where they are needed.

“The prisoners allow the dogs to come to you, and to let the dog decide. Some of the dogs were afraid of my wheelchair. Griffin jumped into my Lap directly on the and licked me across the face,” says Hawley “apnews”.

The Caress of a dog helps to alleviate anxiety

From there, Griffin took on a variety of physical tasks for the young student: He opened doors for you, turned on the light and brought her items to which they showed with a laser pointer, such as “foxnews” reported. Together, the two made a summer internship where she helped soldiers with impaired physical function and mental disorders.

For your future Job, the master graduate one thing is sure: you and Griffin will only be available in a double pack.

Sources: “apnews” / “foxnews”