Even small amounts of antibiotics destroy the intestinal what you need to do after taking Video

Bacterial infections often need antibiotics to help. They destroy the pathogenic bacteria, but also many good bacteria which ensure a healthy intestinal flora. Thus, the intestines will quickly fit again, take note of a few measures.

Antibiotics make no distinction between “good” and “bad” bacteria. After taking the intestinal microflora, therefore, is also often affected. The pain immediately through the stomach and through case Express or in the long term, weaken the immune system. The balance of the intestinal bacteria produces, needs but a minimum of six months. Some of the sensitive bacteria remain permanently disappeared, like a small study showed last year.

Fortunately, we can help the intestines with the rest on the jumps. We should do this:

1. Dietary Supplement take

The easiest way to taking probiotics as a dietary Supplement. This “life-affirming” cultures of bacteria are the healthy bacteria in the gut. In capsule form a high concentration of bacteria live in the intestines.

2. Intestine friendly foods to incorporate in the meal plan

Probiotic yogurt, Sauerkraut, and canned vegetables to supply to the intestinal good bacteria. Only a part of them survives, however, passage to the Stomach. It can not, therefore, come to an Overdose.

3. To hold on long enough

Three weeks of antibiotics should cure with a mixture of Lactobacillus and bifidus bacterium strains take at least.

4. The new bacteria that keep you on your toes

Thus, the new intestinal bacteria to get a task, you should have fiber available. Vegetables, flax seed and psyllium are good suppliers are shells.

5. Fast Food, saturated fats and sweetened soft drinks dispense