Eckart von Hirschhausen in hospice: you have to be afraid to Die?

You have to be afraid to Die? How is it, when only days remain? Disturbing questions Eckart von hirschhausen for a ride in a hospice in Bochum, Germany. Dying and family members tell him your innermost feelings.

The worst thing about your death in the separation from her son. That you can no longer care for the boys. "I still have a Small, a twelve-year-old." The die ill is redrawn in a hospice, speak to consolidate with Eckart von hirschhausen, sitting on her bed. But when the language comes to your child, in the flow of tears. For your son, everything is regulated, even a grief therapist is at his side. "And still, it breaks my heart."

People on the threshold of the death, relatives and carers at the hospice of St. Hildegard in Bochum have shared their feelings and thoughts – for the documentation "Hirschhausen in hospice, as the end of kann&quot to succeed;, the First on Monday (16. September) at 20.15 clock shows.

The most common cause of death of people

For two days, the doctor and TV-Moderator Eckart von hirschhausen and a visit to the facility. "Here death is already arrived." It is not cured, but the last few days and hours are to be made tolerable. A place where a burning candle in a fixed place shows that someone has died. Where mourned, but also laughter.

On average, a man living in Germany was 75.6 years and women 82.2 years and a child born today many years more. It is clear that Every human being must die – most often from cardiovascular diseases or cancer. Most people want to die at home. Indeed, the life ends but for every Second in the hospital. Most people don’t want to talk about the topic.

Therefore, the documentary "Hirschhausen in Hospiz", for the Reporter, Lisa wide-Meier and Niko Wirth are on the go. In several places in Germany, the Duo of passers-by confronted with death. The people will be asked to lie in a coffin, or they write letters to the Deceased. Palliative care physician Georg Bollig and nurse Marina Schmidt on the streets and squares of the tips from "Last One-Help-Kursen".

Hirschhausen in hospice to visit

Von hirschhausen wants to know how a life is possible when one knows that it will only take a few days. And if you have to be afraid of Dying. In the Bochum Institute – one of meanwhile, some 250 hospices in Germany – shows: music can help, small pleasures like a banana bread. And, above all, it is important not to be alone, but caring people and the loved ones around.

"Can let it go. This is not so leicht", says Edeltraut, who visits her bed-ridden husband every day. "I find it quite schwer", a husband who brings his wife to the hospice, no more whispers, because the home care is possible. The Dying itself seems to have her death be accepted. Your Humor has not lost.

The documentary gives a poignant insight, without being voyeuristic. If, for example, a member that has just lost a few hours ago her husband, from your "indescribable Emotionschaos" speaks. Of farewell, gratitude, of redemption after long years of suffering. And a beautiful memory that makes you smile: her husband had recently mobilised all its forces to the 18. To experience his son’s birthday.

Comforting acts, what the palliative doctor Martina Classen says on the in the hospice Died: "Many have really put a Smile on the face." And: "I believe that death is the end of a good thing." Hirsch’s conclusion is: "The people who have daily to do with death, fear him in the least. Maybe you’re right."

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