Despite rising cases of infection, and the pharmaceutical industry hope that the vaccine attenuates

The novel Coronavirus continues to spread. As before, there is no effective therapy. The pharmaceutical industry also dampens hopes on the rapid development of a vaccine. Experts speak of at least twelve to 18 months. Gregory Glenn from the vaccine company, Novavax. “We have already used time of obtaining the gene sequence, the identification of the Virus until the beginning of the Tests for Ebola on a pandemic flu vaccine 90 days. Each of the focuses now is to compress the time frame”. Until a vaccine to make it out of the laboratory to its use, they must overcome some hurdles. In clinical studies do not needs to be investigated whether the vaccine gives immunity against the Virus, but also safe enough to be included in the population used. “Normally, 8 to 10 years pass prior to approval of a new vaccine. In the case of Ebola, there was a major breakthrough. It took four years.” At least a dozen pharmaceutical manufacturers are working on vaccines and treatments against the disease, yet hundreds of people died. The cost for the development of a vaccine can be up to $ 800 million. Whether the company is financially worthwhile for the pharmaceutical still, stands on a totally different sheet. Until an effective vaccine is found, it could be the Virus is already history.