Coronavirus spreads rapidly – another case in Bavaria – Spahn argues with the TV doctor

Because of the rapid spread of the lung disease, the Federal Foreign office of travel discourages to China. The infections and deaths experienced until Friday morning, the largest increase within a day. The number of patients with the novel Coronavirus climbed in 1981 9692, such as the health Commission, said in Beijing. The number of deaths rose by 42 to 213.

On Thursday evening, the world health organization (WHO) declared the spread of the Virus a “public health emergency of international concern”. The 190 member countries will coordinate in order of the WHO recommended-crisis measures with each other.


WHO explains Coronavirus international emergency. The means of the step

Travel warnings for China

German citizens should refrain from traveling to China. “Move that you do not necessary trips to China,” – said in a new Travel advice of the foreign office. Before visiting the hard-hit province of Hubei is expressly warned. More significantly, the US government called on its citizens to travel to China. Also, Americans should consider China to leave the country. The U.S. Travel alert for China was Not traveling on the highest of four alert level high:”.” Many Airlines like Lufthansa have suspended their flights to China. For this reason, Beijing has announced a recall for abroad stranded country people who come from Wuhan.

Outside of the people’s Republic of more than 120 infections have been detected in around 20 countries. In Germany, the Bavarian Ministry of health confirmed on Thursday evening a fifth case. The Patient is also an employee of the company Webasto from the district of Starnberg, in which the four previously known Infected are employed. The infection came from a colleague from China, where now each province and Region is affected.


US to impose because of Coronavirus entry ban for people traveling to China

Significantly more infections than in the case of Sars-pandemic

With almost 10,000 cases in the world the outbreak of “acute respiratory illness”, as it is officially called is one, significantly more infections than 17 years ago, also from China outgoing Sars-pandemic – according to the WHO – 8096 infections. Due to the “Severe Acute respiratory syndrome” (Sars) in 2002/2003, 774 people died. The new “2019-nCoV”agent is a variant of the then-Sars-Virus. He probably also comes from wild animals.

Still, the number of infections outside of China is relatively low, said WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus after the meeting of a Committee of Experts in Geneva, the emergency was proclaimed. But you do not know, what damage would cause the Virus in a country with a weak health system. “We’re all in the same boat,” said Tedros. The Virus could only be stopped. “This is the time for facts, not fear.”

In response, China’s foreign Ministry is confident that the spread of lung disease in the handle get. “We are absolutely confident and in the position to win the fight against this epidemic”, said foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying in Beijing. China will inform on “a transparent and responsible way”, the affected parties always immediately.

Armed on “Maybrit Illner”

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn said, the Declaration of an emergency by the WHO will cause all countries to co-ordinate even better. This is also a Signal to countries in the neighbourhood of China or in Africa to increase the attention, said the CDU-politician in the ZDF program “Maybrit Illner”. With regard to Germany, Spahn said, the authorities were very vigilant, but to be appropriate with the current Situation. Is important, quickly the chain of Infection to interrupt. “A health service like ours can do this,” said Spahn also to the fifth infection in Bavaria.

He argued with the television physician Johannes Wimmer, who found the situation threatening. A quarter of which were due to the Coronavirus in the hospital, it would, ultimately, to the intensive care unit, said Wimmer. “At the moment we have just really the luck on our side, this can flip quickly.” Spahn tried to calm: “I understand all the hustle and bustle and way to go, the doctor Wimmer here.” Germany was prepared and could handle a larger number of patients.

The Federal chamber of physicians: Germany prepared not enough

Otherwise, the German medical Association sees this. It keeps the hospitals in Germany are not adequate to the novel Coronavirus prepared. Ideal for patients with this Virus, a single room with Vorschleusen, of which there is but very many, said the pandemic Officer of the chamber, Susanne Johna, the “New osnabrück newspaper”. The number of these rooms had been reduced in the past decade for cost reasons.

Johna explained further that in the case of urgent treatment, so-called single-demand boxes on intensive care units would be required to minimize the risk of Transmission. Also, there is, for reasons of cost to a few. The Hygiene expert, who is also Chairman of the doctors ‘ Union Marburger Bund, called the new Virus from China as a “Wake up call”. Not only the hospital facilities, there is pent-up demand. Also, the public health service was, in many places, “filled, solid”. There is a lack of Doctors and specialised staff.

The number of Sufferers is increasing in China every day now to more than 1000

Meanwhile, the Foreign office is striving for a scheduled return flight from 90 to 100 Germans from the metropolis of Wuhan to clarify the requirements with the authorities. Also, the United States, Japan and other countries have brought citizens from Wuhan, or plan to return actions. Consular officials informed German in Wuhan, the aircraft is expected to fly on Saturday to Frankfurt. The returnees to 14 days at the air force Germersheim, in Rhineland-Palatinate in quarantine base, like first of all, the Newspapers, the media house VRM reported.

Questions and answers

Coronavirus: this symptoms you should be aware of

The Eleven-million city of Wuhan and the surrounding province of Hubei have been hit especially hard by the epidemic. Around 45 million people there are almost compartmentalized from the outside world by traffic links have been severed. South Korea reiterated on Friday, a first group of compatriots from Wuhan home. In Seoul, a Charter plane landed with more than 350 South Koreans, which will be placed under quarantine. A further 350 South Koreans are still waiting to be flown out of the country. Japan also flew additional 149 citizens.

The number of demonstrably Ill is increasing in China every day now to more than 1000. Two weeks ago, only 40 cases had been counted. Travellers from China have carried the Virus overseas, where it now comes as in Germany, to contagions. Also affected are Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the USA, Finland, India and the Philippines. The Virus is tricky, because the Infected are contagious even if they show no symptoms and not know they are ill.

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