Coronavirus or not? So is tested in Germany to the pathogen

As is to be levied, the infection numbers in USA?

In Germany, the infection protection act lists a number of diseases – since the end of January, the Coronavirus. Is diagnosed by a laboratory or a doctor, the disease, you must inform within 24 hours of the health Department. No later than the next working day must be given a message to the country’s health Ministry and the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI). The WHO is calling a pandemic, the RKI, the EU Commission, the competent authorities of the other countries, as well as the WHO.

In other countries, the case will be collected figures from health authorities. The process and the transparency are very different. So there is the suspicion that countries such as China or Iran had fined especially at the beginning of the epidemic, the Figures for the world public.

How are infections diagnosed?

A Patient with typical flu has the similar symptoms like cough, fever, or an inflammation of the lungs, recommends the RKI, testing for an infection. With special cotton swab smears from the throat, nose and deeper breaths to be taken, due. These samples are then securely Packed, and at about four degrees cooled shipped in special laboratories. There is carried out a so-called PCR-Test based on a Polymerase chain reaction. For this a DNA is duplicated strand from the sample material, the genetic material of the Virus detected. If this succeeds, the Patient has the Coronavirus is ill.

The Test works even at low Virus amounts, and is considered to be reliable. But, according to the American health authority CDC and the Robert Koch Institute, a negative result does not exclude in all cases that the patients are not infected. Therefore, it is recommended in case of symptoms later, a second testing.

There are in Germany may be long cases, which not only stand out, because is not systematically related to the Coronavirus is being tested?

Yes, this is possible. Because the symptoms resemble those of flu and many were the complaints that could not be passed in the last few weeks to the doctor. A definitive diagnosis is only by lab testing possible. Also, there is the presumption that many of the Infected will feel little or no symptoms.

Infection with viruses

There is a Coronavirus from the flu

In Italy have been reported in the past few days, a striking number of cases. Why is it so? The daily newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano” wrote: “Because we are looking for, while other countries don’t care.” And that’s true. After the first suspected cases of the Italians tested a swab in the affected Zone across the Board with Vengeance. Infections came to days that would otherwise never have been noticed.

Can I “catch” the plane through the air conditioning? And what about ships?

In the air conditioning systems of aircraft high-performance filter, so-called HEPA-filters are installed, so that viruses will not be distributed in the interior. On cruise ships, this is not the case. Theoretically, this could spread viruses from cabin to cabin. But so far there is still no clear proof. It needs to be further researched.

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