Corona-the fear among politicians: Seehofer, Merkel refused the handshake

Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared on Monday to have at the start of the integration summit in Berlin forget: In times of Coronavirus, the following applies: avoid physical contact, so no shaking hands. Fortunately, the Minister Horst Seehofer showed on the inside of the hat, and so there were no serious complications. But there is a first confirmed Corona case in Berlin: it is a young man from the district center. He has reported according to official data, on Sunday in a rescue centre and will be treated now in isolation.

For this purpose, the Medical Director of the hospital, Charité, Ulrich Frei said on Monday in Berlin: “From our point of view, the case is sort of random, but on the basis of a Consideration of us now happy been diagnosed. He came up with a completely different symptomatology, which is not pointed to Corona. And he has been recognized on the basis of our dual-diagnosis, which we have introduced for a week, however, and in this respect, the further consequences can be drawn from all this.” The doctors said that it had found a model for concerned citizens blocked without Distress to the Rescue: “For the protection of our own, emergency rooms we have set up on Campus in a single building, now a kind of investigative body, where in the morning, this sort of worried citizens, who feel that they could have the run usually in the emergency room, where they can be examined.” In Berlin, running authorities have been 60 contact persons of the Affected determined. In the whole of Germany the number of infections over the weekend has almost tripled: The number of new infections increased the most in North Rhine-Westphalia. There, the 86 previously Infected were reported.