Contact lenses clean properly: So it works

Contact lenses have many advantages compared to glasses: The field of view is larger, you shod not slip from the nose, and sports are compatible. To be able to use the lenses for long and without discomfort wear, contact lenses heed carrier, but there are certain rules.

The selection of lenses is great: Flexible (soft) lenses adapt to the shape of the cornea so that the eye, accustomed to faster. Due to their larger diameter, the edges of the lens are completely under the Lid. Rigid (hard) contact lenses have a smaller diameter. The eye protects against drying out. You can slip a lower support surface on the surface of the eye, making the lenses lighter. In the first days you can feel the carrier is also a little uncomfortable.

Also, the shelf-life of contact lenses varies: daily lenses should be disposed of after a single Wear, monthly lenses after four weeks. Hard contact lenses can even be up to two years. "It is important to note the specifications of the manufacturer. To use the lens longer than prescribed, it can hurt the cornea, which can lead to permanent eye damage kann", Professor Dr. med says. Frank G. wood, Chairman of the Foundation, the eye and the Director of the University eye clinic of Bonn.

To maintain the eye health, contact lens wearers are also some hygiene rules and requirements for the wearing time note. "As a long daily wearing time health risks may lenses are not worn for longer than recommended. Only special lenses are suitable to Wear on Nacht", Professor Dr. med explained. Christian Ohrloff, former Director of the University eye clinic in Frankfurt. The contact lens is hindered, namely, the metabolism as nutrients and waste products cannot be transported via the tear film so easy on the eye. Under the lens can collect acids, dirt and germs. "So that the eye is not infected, you have to take the contact lenses out on a regular basis and reinigen", Ohrloff advises. How it works the best, show the following five steps:

  • Hand washing: in order for dirt and germs to the eye, the hands before Inserting and removing washed thoroughly.
  • Cleaning: The contact lens is on the clean palm of the hand and lens care products, drizzled. Subsequently, the lens is cleaned with the tip of your finger gently. You can use necessarily special detergent and no water!
  • Disinfecting: contact lenses over night in a suitable solution, stored, bacteria, fungi and viruses, and protein residues to remove.
  • Storage tank cleaning: to Disinfect, and every three to six months at the latest exchange.
  • Care instructions from the manufacturer note: Only storage solutions, the contact lens type are suitable.

Anyone who is interested in contact lenses, first eye doctor to check, whether the reason meets wear requirements for the contact Lenses. If there are no pathological changes in the eyes, you can also customize an optician the lenses individually. Whether and which lenses are suitable or not also depends on whether you come only once or twice a week for sports or every day from morning to evening.


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