Cheap costume jewelry for children is particularly dangerous

Cheap fashion jewelry, especially from China, can be a health hazard. German monitoring authorities established in each and every eighth piece of jewelry Exceeding the permissible limits for lead and Cadmium. Some pieces of jewelry existed even metals almost exclusively from this alarming hard.

Already in 2015, the German authorities have investigated fashion jewelry, lead and Cadmium. They found that the limit values for up to 20 percent of the samples were not complied with. Now, it was evident that not much has changed: In a follow-up study from the year 2018, the limit values were exceeded again in part significantly. Of the 257 on their lead content, and 286 to their cadmium content of samples examined, about 8 percent is exceeded in each case the respective limits. Some of the a total of 296 surveyed pieces of jewelry each measured lead layers – and cadmium levels of over 90 percent. Most of the offending pieces of jewelry come from China.

Heavy metals harm the health

The long-term ingestion of high quantities of Heavy metals can lead to health problems. Lead can cause damage to, among other things, the nervous system and lead to infertility. Cadmium and cadmium oxide are classified as carcinogenic. Cadmium may continue to cause bone and kidney damage.

It becomes especially dangerous when children take such a loaded jewelry pendants or chains when Playing in the mouth or even swallowed. When buying jewelry, especially for children, is, therefore, advised to a dealer or a shop.


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