Breathing exercise: 5 minutes for the blood pressure

A five-minute workout, with a resistance of the device sharply inhaled, lowered blood pressure, as well as a cardio workout, and even stronger than some drugs. You may also receive the mental capacity of this Training benefit.

With an expenditure of time of only five minutes a day the arterial function and the blood of a new study found that pressure to improve. In addition, some of the participants performed well in memory tests, such as the scientists at the University of Colorado reports in Boulder at a conference for experimental biology in Orlando.

Physical Fitness also increased: compared to study participants with a "Placebo-Gerät" her breath had trained, were able to remain the test group for longer on the treadmill, their heart rate and your oxygen consumption during exercise were lower. "It is basically a strength training for the muscles that you breathe in. The breathing training can be done quickly at home or in the office without having to move it muss", Dr. Daniel Craighead, who led the study said.

The breath training device was developed with a hand already in the 80s, to wean the sick people of ventilators, and to increase your lung capacity. A few years ago, researchers at the University of Arizona have used such devices in patients with sleep apnea, who often have weak respiratory muscles. In addition to a more refreshing sleep, the patient showed after six weeks, an unexpected side effect: her blood pressure dropped about twice as much as with endurance training, the effect was even greater than that of some drugs.


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