Avocado core and eat. Please don’t! Why consumer advocates warn against

That Avocados are healthy, is not really surprising: they deliver valuable fatty acids and many vitamins, especially the B vitamins and Vitamin E. apply The hard center of the berry (Avocados botanically as a berry) has been so far a shadow existence. But that is over now. In Internet blogs Avocodokerne be traded as a new Superfood.

Dried and pulverized, the seeds in muesli or Smoothies, you can stir. The content of positive effects are attributed to substances on health: the fat burning is stimulated and the immune system will be strengthened. Also the level of cholesterol may influence the core powder positive, it is called. That sounds tempting. But is it correct?

Avocado core food – especially an ingredient causes problems

Silke Noll, nutrition expert at the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern, has seen the supposed Superfood is closer, and draws a critical conclusion. There is only “a few studies, in particular, to the ingredients of the core,” she writes in a communication to the consumer. Health risks through the consumption could therefore not be excluded at present.

Especially an ingredient could prepare from the point of view of the expert problems: the bitter substance Persin. He is in the flesh of the Avocado and the seeds and is suitable for almost all Pets toxic – particularly for birds, rodents and larger mammals such as pigs. Also the owners of dogs or cats are advised to feed no Avocados.

Persin is in small amounts safe for humans

For people the small amounts of Persin, who are stuck in the flesh of the Avocados are safe to eat. But, above all, the core contains larger amounts of the critical substance. “Whether, and how, in the core amount of Persin effect is also not studied yet,” said Silke Noll. The nutrition expert advises, therefore, to eat avocado seeds and the derived powder.

In Germany, the avocado is not allowed core foods so far, and may not be sold.

Sources: Verbraucherzentrale Bayern / Time Online