Austrian Impfgegnerin can continue to work as a Doctor in a clinic

With the controversial theses of the Doctor Catherine R. in Austria, has caused confusion. The Doctor from Graz recently appeared at demonstrations as a speaker and called, among other things, to the resistance against compulsory vaccination, and the Corona-protection measures. “Protective masks are only there to humiliate us,” she said in a speech that is on Youtube. A vaccination be met for you to “the offence of assault”.

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When you are immune against the Coronavirus?

The Doctor is employed in the Clinical Department of cardiology of the University hospital Graz. Your employer moved first consequences: According to a report from “” is set to R. in the last week of service free. The suspension is now lifted but again. The hospital company Styria announced that it waived after a detailed conversation with the Doctor “on a termination of the employment relationship”.

Employer distances itself from the Statements of the Doctor

At the same time, the company R issued a reprimand and distanced itself “vigorously” from your Statements. The controversial statements have made R. however, outside of their period of service. In the service of you have met “all the requirements of the company and as a Doctor, always patient-oriented, and competently acted”, – stated in the press release. In addition, R. has not commented publicly critical of their employer.

Thus, the Physician is allowed to keep their job, however, subject to conditions. These stipulate that you must not make public the instructions of the hospital society in question and in future public appearances not related to your work as a hospital doctor restore. In the case of a breach of the employment relationship will be terminated “with immediate effect”.

R. was occurred, among other things, the “funeral March” of the “Initiative for evidence-based corona information” in Vienna. The event was marked according to the “Standard” of “Impfgegnern, conspiracy prattlers and Wutbürgern”. There, you also claimed, for healthy people with no symptoms could transmit the Coronavirus: “Who says that’s lying, and argued bar of any science.”

Sources: hospital company of Styria / “,” / “Standard”

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