Australia: Distance? Incorrect display

Many people still understand not quite, as highly infectious is the novel Coronavirus, or a spread of the Virus with rather small consequences. At least So it seems when you watch people on the famous Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. Still, almost every visitor to realize here is that this is actually correct. “It’s not Ideal definitely. It is worrying to see so many people together.“ “We might not otherwise have such high temperatures here. I think that people want to take advantage of this while you may.“ “At home in Canada, as around 30 people were on the lake skating, and all are not excited about the fact that you were not careful enough. If you look at what’s going on here.“ “I think it is a last ‘hurrah’, you understand? As of tomorrow this will change. I mean, we should not be here.“ Nevertheless, they are all here. Although it has given the government restrictions on gatherings in the open, flocked on Friday, thousands of people come to the beach. Australians were called upon to hold a Meter and a half distance from each other. In addition, the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, announced that Bars and Restaurants may only have one Person per four square meters. For the visitors at the Bondi Beach, this was not obvious.