Appetite for Unhealthy smell sell?

You are in the mood for Pizza or cookies? You can breathe easy, because if you do it long enough, passes the appetite, and you are more likely to be fruit satisfied. This is the result of a study from the United States, the authors assume that the smell of the reward system in the brain is stimulated, and the appetite subsides.

A new study shows that appetite can be satisfied by ambient odour. This is the first study, indicating that a sense can compensate for, in this case, the smell of another) – in this case, the taste. Perhaps it is that the brain distinguishes the source of enjoyment.

Dr. Dipayan Biswas, a Marketing Professor at the University of South Florida College of Business, noted: "Ambient odor may be an effective means to stand in the appetite for unhealthy foods. Subtle sensory stimuli, such as scents can influence the food choice of children and adults to be more effective than restrictive measures."

The results of the investigation consists of a direct connection to the period: participants who were less than exposed for 30 seconds, the smell of biscuits, opted for a biscuit. If the biscuit and continued to smell longer than two minutes, they took the strawberries instead. With Pizza and Apples, similar results were obtained. Because healthy food does not give off much ambient smell, you will not be connected to rewards and have so little influence on food choice.


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