A curfew has side effects

This weekend we are all on a trial basis. We do what is required by the Chancellor from us? We stay at home? We keep ourselves from others? Or, we will celebrate the beginning of spring, as usual, go out, meet people, make Party? From the Chancellery, it means that the government will carefully watch what we do, especially on Saturday. By fall, we in the Corona trial? An output threatens us lock – not only in Freiburg and Bayern? And how useful would that even mean?

Couple Therapist Julia Peirano

Together a crash isolated by Corona test for any relationship

In the third episode of the star-Podcasts “We and Corona” speaks to Host Florian Güßgen with the virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit from the Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for tropical medicine in Hamburg over the right dimension in dealing with the Virus, about the meaning of a closed day-care centres, but also about the risks that exist, if we are to include. “A curfew has side effects,” says Schmidt-Chanasit. “This is an eerie psychological burden. That’s why this is anything other than helpful. I have to warn against the arch span. The people who don’t follow the rules, will not do also in the case of a curfew.”

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