This Unique Sensory Toy for Babies Has More Than 30K Rave Reviews on Amazon & It’s on Sale for $11

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Perhaps the best part about baby toys is that a lot of them are loaded with features that are great for a baby’s development. The good ones are designed to engage a baby’s senses and encourage them to physically interact with the toy in multiple ways. With toys like Sassy’s Developmental Bumpy Ball, parents are sneaking some much-needed learning into playtime without their youngins’ even realizing it.

The ball has bold, high-contrast colors that — much like the Etta Loves Reversible Sensory Strip — hold a baby’s attention. We know it might not go with the color scheme of the parents’ nursery, but the bright patterns have a big impact on a baby’s visual and cognitive development.

The different materials on the ball’s bumps expose babies to different textures, engaging their sense of touch. And the clear knobs that have beads inside act like a rattle, which helps babies learn about cause and effect (“If I shake this, the beads will move, and I will hear a sound”).

Holding and rolling the ball helps baby hone their gross motor skills. And the ball can even be placed in front of an infant during tummy time, giving them something to focus on and reach for while they strengthen their muscles.

Wins on wins on wins!

Image: Sassy

More than 30 thousand Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this toy (also available on Babylist), and we are not at all surprised.

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