The Most Epic Summer Water Toys

Finally: School is out for summer! But now what? Well, kids may want to hit the snooze button a few extra times each morning. And/or, you know, they might want to just stay glued to their iPad for hours on end (no surprise there). But it’s up to parents to remind those little lazybones that summertime won’t stick around for long. With the help of a lot of sunshine and the coolest water toys that are guaranteed to make a backyard splash, there’s plenty of summer fun to be had outside.

Kids, parents, babysitters, and other kids-at-heart have likely seen — and dreamed of playing under — last year’s popular gigantic sprinkler unicorn. (ICYMI, this large water toy transformed backyards across the country into mini-aqua parks. It was epic.) And this year, there are even more major water toys to get your kiddos excited for hours of backyard shenanigans in the sprinkler or pool.

Beach Sounds

Turn up the tunes! If your kids love all the summertime anthems, this splash-proof retro water speaker will be the backyard hit.

Beach Sounds, Seafoam, $50.00 at SunnyLife.

Giant Llama Pool Float

Unicorns are cool and all, but a colossal floating pink llama just seems so original. What kid won’t want to float all day on this pool cutie?

Giant Llama Pool Float White-Sun Squad, $20.00 at Target.

Ginormous Inflatable Cute Monster Yard Summer Sprinkler

It’s no secret: Kids love monsters (both the scary and the not-so-scary). And conveniently enough, this not-so-scary 6-foot-tall backyard monster sprinkler loves kids — and water, and homegrown summertime fun.

BigMouth Inc. Ginormous Inflatable Cute Monster Yard Summer Sprinkler, $50.00 at Amazon.

Splash Pond Water Table

Kids love to splash and splash. This summer, set up their own splash zone with an interactive water table pond.

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table, $67.00 at Target.

Hopper Flamingo

Summer is here, so hop to it: Whether there’s water nearby or not, little ones will go bananas for this hot-pink flamingo backyard hopper.

Hopper Flamingo, $45.00 at SunnyLife.

Wind-Ups Swimmers

These wind up-swimmers are great for little splash pools or big backyard pools or both.

Wind Ups Swimmers, $12.00 at SunnyLife.

Ice Cream Inflatable Pool

Just in case the neighborhood pool gets too crowded, having your own (smaller) cool escape in the comforts of your own deck is ideal. Kids will love the fact that their personal pool resembles an ice cream cone.

Kiddie Pool, Ice Cream Inflatable Pool, $20.00 at Amazon.

Sun Shade Tent & Lounger

For the days when the sun’s rays are a little too intense, your little ones will want to seek shade. This compact Lilly Pulitzer Sun Shade Tent and Lounger is perfect for an afternoon snooze. Also, teens will love it for its Instagrammable print. 

Lilly Pulitzer Sun Shade Tent and Lounger, $79-129.00 at Pottery Barn Teen.

Baby Shark Float

Whether you have one of those tiny baby pools or a big in-ground behemoth, this funky shark will float any tot’s boat. 

Shark Pool Float with Canopy, Bigmouth Inc., $20.00 at Nordstrom.

Inflatable Sprinkler Rainbow

Grab your kids, the neighbor kids, and your friends too — the last one to run underneath the giant inflatable rainbow sprinkler is a rotten unicorn.

Inflatable Sprinkler-Rainbow, $159.00 at Pottery Barn Kids.

Bubbles Fishy

Wasn’t it Sebastian who sang something to the effect of, “Life is the bubbles under the sea”? Surely, summer life can be bubbly enough on your patio with a fun fish bubble dispenser — no sea necessary. Just keep the bubble solution flowing, and the kids will be entertained all the way through Labor Day.

Bubbles Fishy, $25.00 at SunnyLife.

AquaPod With Pretend Fish

No pool? No problem: A large backyard aqua pad is all you need. The mat feels as if you’re swimming through a natural pool, and there are even pretend fish inside to keep kids entertained until the sun sets.

Large Rectangle AquaPod With Pretend Fish for Kids Backyard Water Play, Blue, $72.00 at Walmart.

‘Moana’ Inflatable Wave Sprinkler

We’ve been staring at the edge of the backyard…wishing it were the ocean. Okay, so we are inspired by Disney’s Moana — and this backyard splash zone is just what the island princess dreamed about.

Moana Inflatable Wave Sprinkler, $39.95 at ShopDisney.

Magic Carpet Pool Float

Having a pool in your yard is already magical. And having an inflatable magic carpet just like the one in Disney’s Aladdin is even better.

Magic Carpet Pool Float, $59.95 at Shop Disney.

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