The Contents of Jennifer Garner's Post-Vacation Mom Bag Will Have You Snorting With Laughter

If you’re in need of a good laugh today, Jennifer Garner has just the thing to make you giggle and snort.

Hugging a quilted black tote bag to her chest in an Instagram video, the actress and entrepreneur explains, “This bag just got out of the car after a road trip with three kids — I have no idea what’s in here.”

She begins unpacking the contents of her vacation purse, holding up a Rat-a-Tat Cat game, then a toy that a squishy bear pops out of when she squeezes it.

Pulling out an opened Twix wrapper with one stick left in the package, Garner exclaims with laughter, “Oh my goodness, lucky day!” Growing our affection for her even more, she then promptly eats the remaining candy bar. Lucky day indeed.

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Next comes a little pouch filled with phone chargers followed by a loose cord — “Uh oh! You’re supposed to be in your bag,” Garner tells it.

The mom of three pulls out a deck of playing cards, a pouch of trail mix (“Healthy!”), a bra, which Garner also laughs about, drugstore reading glasses, a pencil sharpener, a packet of Liquid IV, two tubes of Mentos, both of which are open so Garner promptly squeezes one into her mouth, room keys, a Once Upon a Farm branded pen, chapstick, and, drum roll, please… A rogue handful of M&Ms and a plastic fork, which Garner hysterically uses to scoop up and eat said M&Ms while attempting to hold back her laughter.

Next time you find yourself considering eating that random unwrapped snackage at the bottom of your bag, you can feel okay about it knowing that Queen of Giggles & Real Life Mom Things Jennifer Garner does it, too.

These Hollywood parents are an absolute hoot.

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